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The most comprehensive online horse first aid course available to owners and equine professionals, designed and taught by an equine vet. You'll never feel unprepared for an emergency again. 


✨Now available as a Self-Study Course or Live Group Training!✨

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All the tools you need to feel confident and calm during your horse's next emergency

What do colic, wounds, eye injuries and sudden episodes of lameness all have in common? 

They are unpredictable and can occur without warning, threatening your horse's health and long-term wellbeing. 

To give your horse the best chance of making a full recovery, you need to be empowered with practical knowledge and the hands on skills that you can implement with confidence during a high-stress scenario. 

With the invaluable Equine Emergency Response skillset you will be able to confidently jump into action-mode and start helping your horse back to health, instead of feeling helpless and questioning what to do next. 

Remember, you don't RISE to the occasion,

you FALL to the level of your training. 

So, what training are you currently relying on?

As a vet, I know it's not a question of if you'll need to use the tools and education provided in this essential course, it's a question of when

Dr Lizzie McCready BVetMed (Hons) CVA

Equine Veterinarian & Founder of Empowering Equine Education


You wish you'd known more during a previous emergency

According to surveyed horse owners, 93% wish they had known more the last time they had to deal with an emergency such as colic or a nasty wound. Through a lack of emergency-specific education and first hand experience, you're vulnerable to making mistakes, delaying your horse's recovery or even risking their life. 



It's become harder to get a vet when you need one

There is currently a world-wide veterinary shortage that is greatly impacting the horse community. Without enough vets to go around, it's become harder to get one immediately during an emergency. The pressure is now on you as an owner to become more self-sufficient and empowered with the knowledge and tools to help your horses while awaiting vet care. 



Protecting your horse's health is a priority

As a dedicated, passionate owner you understand that your horse's health is a top priority and requires continuous attention. There's a lot to learn and unfortunately horse's don't come with a 'user manual'. You know that the best way to help them is to learn from a professional exactly what to do (and not do) during an emergency situation. 

To get started, watch this 3 minute video and learn the 3 STEP, fail-safe framework you should apply to every emergency going forwards:


Meet Your Teacher

Dr Lizzie McCready BVetMed (Hons) CVA graduated from the Royal Veterinary College (London) in 2016 and has worked specifically in equine practice in the UK and Australia. She has worked both in a specialist hospital setting and as an ambulatory vet visiting horses out on the road, providing her with a range of experience. Her dedication to improving the well-being of horses, paired with her passion for educating and empowering horse owners led to the development of the Equine Emergency Response Training. By sharing her veterinary knowledge and expertise, she aims to improve equine welfare and the care horses receive, especially during those critical and life-threatening moments  encountered during an emergency situation. 

"As a horse owner and equine bodyworker, I can highly recommend this course.

 Dr Lizzie provides you the skill and confidence to approach an emergency situation so that you can assist your vet in the best way possible when treating your horse and potentially saving its life!

All the information provided is very in-depth and covers a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses you may come across in horse ownership."

Nicola S. England 🇬🇧


You Need

Equine Emergency Response Training 

In-Depth Training

Engage in comprehensive training that covers a wide range of emergency scenarios and equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge and awareness to feel prepared.

Expert Guidance

Learn straight from an experienced equine vet who will provide step-by-step guidance on how to respond to different emergency scenarios quickly and calmly. 

Lifetime Access

Become a life-long member of the Equine Emergency Response Training Community. Ask questions directly to a vet and receive ongoing support for years to come. 

“The Equine Emergency Response Training has probably

saved my horse's life. I think it should be mandatory for all horse owners!" 

  - Samantha Wheeler, Australia




Feeling confident about how to care for your horse when they're sick or injured



Feeling calm when faced with a high-stress situation (like colic or blood gushing from a wound)



Feeling empowered with practical knowledge and skills that could save your horse's life



Knowing when to & when not to call the vet



Feeling self-assured that you're making the right decisions on behalf of your horse



Being proud of your ability to help your horse recover 



Saving money on future vet bills as you're more self-sufficient and avoid costly mistakes


Since completing her training in January 2022, Lisa (who had previously spent least £25,000 on vets bills over the years) has already reached out on 4 occasions! Twice for choke, once for colic and also for an eye injury. Each time the horse has made a full recovery. She said...

“My training made so much difference, it made me feel much more confident and I was able to give information to the vet in a self-assured and concise way…. she was so impressed with the information I provided! Thank you again for everything you have taught me.”

Lisa C. England 🇬🇧


How The Training Works

There are two ways you can access the incredible teachings inside of The Equine Emergency Response Training. Look at the options below to see which one suits you better:  

Self-Study Course 

(start anytime)
  • Suitable for all owners of varying experience
  • For those wanting to take the course at their own pace
  • Receive all of the comprehensive, core content offered in the Live Group Training, pre-recorded for you to watch when it suits you.
  • 10+ hours of case study seminar recordings 
  • 17 x practical training videos 
  • The Emergency Handbook (80 pages)
  • The EERT Workbook
  • You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the training materials, so you can refer back to them anytime in the future. 
  • Access your resources online and via a handy mobile app (great when you need a refresher horse-side) 
  • Lifetime access to the Self-Study EERT Facebook Group for support
  • 8 weeks of guidance emails help you to get you started
  • No feedback for practical tasks provided
  • No certificate awarded
  • $200 BONUS Webinar Library with guest equine experts



$997 AUD

Payment Plan: $149 / month x 8

(all prices inclusive of GST)


Live GroupTraining 

(8 weeks duration)

Next round starts 22nd January 2024

Suitable  for dedicated owners and equine professionals

  • Limited to 30 people per round
  • For those wanting to be part of an interactive group of like-minded horse people. This enhanced learning experience offers live support, guidance and accountability
  • 8 x weekly LIVE case study seminars with Dr Lizzie and unlimited Q&A time
  • 17 x practical training videos 
  • The Emergency Handbook (80 pages)
  • The EERT Workbook
  • Hardcopy and digital resources provided (online and via mobile app
  • Receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the training materials  
  • Personalised feedback on each of your practical assessments from Dr Lizzie 
  • Accountability and support through the EERT Student Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to the EERT Alumni Facebook Group 
  • Certificate awarded to those who complete required assessments 
  • $200 BONUS: Printed Training Bundle including The Emergency Handbook, EERT Workbook, Horse Health Assessment Sheet & Emergency Kit Checklist (posted to you)  
  • $200 BONUS Webinar Library with guest equine experts  



*available for enrolment to January 2024 Training

RRP $1,997 now only $1,777 AUD

Payment Plan: $399 / month x 5

(all prices inclusive of GST)


“I feel empowered after doing the course and never expected to learn this much. Just do it, it's so worth the money!" 

It will save you money in the future too, as you will have a much better understanding of your horse’s normal, what is an emergency and what isn’t.

 The confidence I gained in measuring my horses' vital parameters is a total game changer for me! 

Simone H. Canada 🇨🇦

Take A Look Inside The Syllabus

Additional topics covered during the weekly seminars:

Choke | Snake Bites | Neurological Disorders | Allergic Reactions | Respiratory Distress | Nose Bleeds | Toxic Plants | Burns | Emergency Rescue | Natural Disaster Preparedness 

How You'll Learn


No. 1

The Curriculum

The comprehensive curriculum includes practical videos, The Emergency Handbook and guided tasks for you to put your new skills into practice on your own horse. You'll also have the EERT Workbook to complete alongside the case study seminars. You can access the course through the Member's Website and mobile app. 


No. 2

The Case Study Seminars

Cover over 25 different emergency scenarios in a case-study format. This allows you to apply your new knowledge in a thought-provoking, practical way and radically improves your awareness of the different injuries and illness that can affect your horse. 

These seminars are taught LIVE on a Wednesday night at 7pm AEST as part of the group training and includes open Q&A with Dr Lizzie.

P.S. All sessions are recorded in-case you can't make it live.

 8 x pre-recorded seminars are provided as part of the Self-Study Course


No. 3

The Community

Gain access to the Private EERT Facebook Group, where you'll find help, support and the opportunity to connect with other passionate horse owners worldwide, all under the guidance of Dr. Lizzie.

Membership to the Facebook Group is for life, so you can continue to get help and stay connected beyond finishing the course. 

*There are separate Facebook groups for the Self-Study Course and the Live Group Training


"I would highly recommend this course for any horse owner that wants the reassurance on their horse knowledge, to learn more about how their horse works and have the confidence to take care of them during an emergency."

 The course is broken down really well and is not overwhelming. It's lovely to be a part of a knowledgeable and supportive group that will have your back for years to come. 

Thank you Dr Lizzie for this course. I really enjoyed participating for the last 8 weeks.

Helen H. England 🇬🇧

 “The EERT has probably saved my horse's life. I think it should be mandatory for all horse owners!”

Knowing what I do now, I wouldn't make half the mistakes I have in the past. I can also prepare myself and my horse much better for the vet's arrival. I now know how to make sure things don't escalate from me doing the wrong things (eg: pulling out a nail from a hoof, spraying purple spray over everything), and I have more awareness of the seriousness of various injuries: eg: joint injury. 

Sam W. Australia 🇦🇺

 "I am so glad I participated in this course as it provided me with so much extra knowledge I didn't already have, even as a veterinary nurse. I highly recommend it to anyone that owns horses or is involved in the equine industry." 

The high quality training sessions and content makes you as an owner feel more confident and comfortable when treating and making decisions around your horse's health. 

The course has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, an ideal first aid kit, the ability to know exactly how to respond in an emergency situation, when to call the vet and what information to relay to them down the phone.

Jess P. Australia 🇦🇺

"The EERT is an ideal platform for anyone wanting to learn, brush up on or expand their skills and knowledge around equine emergency situations. Highly recommended." 

 Upon completion, you will be well equipped with the knowledge, the basic skill base and first aid kit to respond appropriately. You'll know how to handle the horse, their injury/ies and yourself, in a wide variety of different scenarios, and when to call your vet! You'll also be able to give your vet the correct information required to assess the level/type of emergency they are responding to. 

Kristy M. Australia 🇦🇺

"The training has been amazing. The literature and training videos were really informative and having them at hand in an emergency is so helpful.

I have learnt many new things and also gained more knowledge and confidence in areas I had some pre-existing knowledge in. Dr Lizzie has been amazing, so supportive and sharing so much knowledge. I feel I can now do more to help my horses during an emergency in the future."

Lisa N. Australia 🇦🇺

"This course was full of really helpful information to help me be better prepared for any horse injury or emergency I find. 100% recommend."

The skills I had have been improved and I also learnt many new skills during the course. I found the practical tasks a helpful way of integrating what I was learning in the course and they have left me feeling more prepared for a real-life emergency. 

I think Dr Lizzie's Equine Emergency Response Training is of great benefit to the horse community. 

Mishel R. Australia 🇦🇺

"Amazing course which really increases your knowledge and ability to help your horse. Highly recommend to all horse owners."

 The EERT helped to increase my confidence and ability to handle a range of situations with my horse's health. The topics we covered were great as they are the ones that we are likely to come across as owners. The training also helped me advance my communication skills with vets and other owners around horses health. Thank you Dr Lizzie! 

Kathy W. Australia 🇦🇺

"Doing the course with other likeminded horse owners and hearing about their experiences during the live classes has been terrific."

Thank you, I found this course to be interesting, full of relevant information and helped me to update my knowledge. I will be encouraging other horses owners to do this course too! It all helps in validating our current knowledge and willingness to learn more. 

Judith C. Australia 🇦🇺

“It's an essential skill and the training is a must for any horse owner”

I feel proud of my accomplishment after doing the course and have an increased awareness with which I can help my herd. With the right tools and knowing that I can seek advice at any time gives me the needed reassurance to continue to work within my scope of practice. 

The knowledge and content was enriching and I really enjoyed learning about wound care. 

Jane R. Australia 🇦🇺

“I would strongly recommend the EERT to anyone wanting to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge to cope with emergency situations like colic."

I thoroughly enjoyed how engaging Dr Lizzie made the content. It was accessible, easy to digest and enjoyable! It made learning about horse emergencies very constructive, and I lost the feeling of being confronted with the exact issues that were covered. I would love to see the training become the standard for all horse owners to have. The EERT course is a fantastic training program to be armed with, wherever you are in the equine world. 

Alannah D. Australia 🇦🇺

 "The passion that Dr Lizzie has for educating horse owners really comes across with how much thought and effort has been put into creating this course! Highly recommend!" 

I enjoyed the live classes, there was a good amount of information and the case studies got you thinking about what you have learnt.

Bridget M. Australia 🇦🇺

Take action now and become your horse's next emergency hero!


Frequently Asked Questions

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Self-Study Course

$997 AUD

 Payment plan also available: 

$149 / month x 8

(all prices inclusive of GST)

  • Suitable for all owners of varying experience
  • For those wanting to enrol anytime and take the course at their own pace
  • Receive all of the comprehensive, core content offered in the Live Group Training, pre-recorded for you to watch on-demand.
  • Receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the training materials 
  • 10+ hours of case study seminar recordings 
  • 17 x practical training videos 
  • The Emergency Handbook (80 pages)
  • The EERT Workbook
  • All resources available in digital format (online and via mobile app) 
  • Lifetime access to the Self-Study EERT Facebook Group for support
  • 8 weeks of guidance emails help you to get you started
  • No feedback for practical tasks provided
  • No certificate awarded
  • $200 BONUS Webinar Library with guest equine experts

Live Group Training

$1,777 AUD


Payment plans also available:

$399 / month x 5

(all prices inclusive of GST)

Next Round: 22nd January 2024

  • Suitable for dedicated owners and equine professionals
  • Limited to 30 people per round
  • For those wanting to be part of an interactive group of like-minded horse people. This enhanced learning experience offers live support, guidance and accountability
  • Receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the training materials 
  • 8 x weekly LIVE case study seminars with Dr Lizzie and unlimited Q&A time
  • 17 x practical training videos 
  • The Emergency Handbook (80 pages)
  • The EERT Workbook
  • Hardcopy and digital resources provided (online and via mobile app) 
  • Personalised feedback on each of your practical assessments from Dr Lizzie 
  • Accountability and support through the EERT Student Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to the EERT Alumni Facebook Group 
  • Certificate awarded to those who complete required assessments 
  • $200 BONUS: Printed Training Bundle including The Emergency Handbook, EERT Workbook, Horse Health Assessment Sheet & Emergency Kit Checklist (posted to you)
  • $200 BONUS Webinar Library with guest equine experts